Claims & Damages

JKCABINETRY - Claims/Warranty/Damages Instructions


  • Only one claim form is accepted per order
  • Claims must be filed within 48 hours of delivery or receiving.
  • Claim form must be printed and signed.
  • Claim form must be completely filled out or claim will not be accepted. (Additional instructions is provided on the claim form)
  • No Claims/Damages/Warranty/Replacements will be sent without a proper claim form.
  • Please include photos of any & all damage. Claims cannot be processed without photos included with claim.
  • Note: Not all claims will be accepted. (No signature, damage is not the fault of JKCABINETRY, insufficient evidence).
Missing or Damaged Items: (Including Concealed Damage)
  • Shipping/Freight claims would only be accepted if notated on the DRIVER'S BOL. (Please send us a copy)
  • The driver is only responsible for placing the pallet on the ground for residential deliveries with lift gate services selected at the time of check out.
  • Address classifications are based on city zoning, therefore it is possible to have a commercial property in a residential area. In this case, the delivery would be considered residential, and subject to the residential delivery fees and conditions.
  • A responsible party must be present to inspect, inventory, and sign off on delivery.
  • You MUST notate if the number of pallets delivered does not match the number listed on the driver’s BOL copy.
  • Careful inspection of packaging condition is vital to freight claims. Even if you are not sure if the contents inside contain damage due to the exterior’s condition, you MUST indicate on the BOL to be able to claim concealed damages in the future.

When you suspect possible damage that is not visible (concealed damages) please indicate on the driver's slip description "Subject to Inspection".


Please email the claim to and a representative will process your claim (can take up to 7 business days or longer).