Our J&K’s solid wood cabinet finishes are processed thorough the following excellent craftsmanship details:

NOTE: Not actual product; image for reference only.

  1. The finest solid maple wood is sanded until smooth and vacuumed.

  2. An equalizer stain is applied to balance the base color of the wood.

  3. A toner is applied to establish color uniformity.

  4. A deep penetrating stain is applied to reveal the hidden beauty of the natural grain.

  5. All stained surfaces are hand-rubbed and wiped of excess stain, and then slowly air-dried.

  6. A wood sealer is applied, penetrating all exposed wood surfaces for uniform protection.

  7. All surfaces are hand-sanded, providing a smooth, consistent surface.

  8. A glaze is applied by hand (if applicable).

  9. A color consistency examination is performed with additional touch-up if needed.

  10. A final protective top coat is applied, maximizing resistance to scuffing, moisture, fading and most household chemicals.

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